Sunday, June 22, 2008

Barack Obama Promises Black Reparations

In the early days of the campaign many notable Black civil rights leaders had great reservations about Barack Obama. Some including the Reverend Al Sharpton questioned his "black cred". Some saying he "Wasn't up for the struggle" and even saying he wasn't Black enough. Then things suddenly changed to where Obama has almost universal support among African-American leaders and the black population in general. So what changed?

The truth is that Obama has secretly promised that as president is to fight hard for reparations for slavery. He has promised that every American of African descent will receive large cash awards using tax payers money. This may cost the treasury trillions of dollars but he has secretly vowed to make it a hallmark of his presidency.

  • Beside cash settlements he will propose free college education for anyone of African descent.
  • Massive tax increases for all white citizens to pay for the reparations.
  • Force companies that existed before the civil war to pay what would have amounted to a fair wage at the time plus compounded interest for every slave ever owned by a United States Citizen.
  • Pay African nations trillions of dollars for taking their people.

He will never mention this during the campaign, but once he is in office he will push this agenda. This is why Obama has almost universal support from the African American Community.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Did Hillary have Tim Russert Murdered?

Everyone knows what happened to Tim Russert, but no one has the guts to say it until now. Tim Russert was MURDERED by the wrath of a scorned woman. That woman is no other than the loser Hillary Rodham Clinton. We all know she has an enemies list, and Tim Russert name was on the top for it was he was the one that proclaimed her nemesis Borrack Obama as the winner of the Democratic nomination. A position that was rightfully hers that was stolen by some pip squeak black man who's shoes he was not worthy to shine let alone steal away the prize that was solely meant for her.

Who knows how she pulled it off but somehow she had Tim Russert killed and made it look like a heart attack. She had to use the same cunning to hide her nefarious deeds as she employed to make her other victims such as Vince Foster look like a suicide, or the way she had James McDougall conveniently die in prison.

Who knows what other names are on Hillary's enemies list, only the body count of many that crossed her or helped thwart her inevitable assent to the presidency will tell?